The Peanut for Tablets

When you need to put your Surface on wheels, this nimble stand – only 18”W x 17”D and 24 lbs - is just the ticket! You’ll love the durable, all-steel construction and comfy 40”h work area.
  • Simple Design: A no-fuss fixed-height cart without extra features and accessories you don’t need, it’s a breeze to assemble in just three easy steps.
  • Accommodating: The Peanut for Tablets holds your Surface in a 3-phase tilting mount, to position it exactly where you want. It also has an 18”w x 7.25”d top shelf, just the right size for your small keyboard.
  • Space-saving: At just 18”w x 17”d and 27 lbs, it’s almost small enough to tuck under your arm. And with 3” twin-wheel, rubber casters (two locking), it’s so nimble you can push it around with fingertips.
  • Rugged and Durable: All-steel construction makes it easy for you to clean, and the powder-coated finish resists cracking and chipping, while standing up to frequent cleanings. It can hold up to 10 lbs, plenty of strength for your small equipment.
  • Budget Friendly: It’s a simple little fixed-height cart with a price that’s easy on your wallet. The Peanut for Tablets is a versatile performer, too, so you get long-standing value for your money.