PS Tablet Charging Cart

The PS Tablet Charging Carts universal interface charges up to 30 devices. PowerShuttle Technology optimizes total charge time while safely preventing electrical circuit overload by efficiently grouping the number of devices that are charging.
  • Two country-specific 15-outlet power strips are provided to plug-in up to 30 AC adapters. Unique, flexible design accommodates a variety of brick and plug styles for tablets that won’t fit in standard outlet strips.
  • Innovative PowerShuttle® technology automatically optimizes total charge time for up to 30 devices and safely prevents overloading electrical circuits by efficiently grouping the number of devices that are charged at one time.
  • For user and equipment safety, the ENTIRE cart is tested and certified to UL 60950 and 1668 standards; this means it is completely certified, at the levels of both the power system and cart mechanics.
  • Secure back compartment provides IT access to AC adapter storage and power strips. Clean, neat cable management runs power to units.
  • Lightweight, up to 49% smaller than competitive product, this compact cart design makes it easy to safely move from room to room.
  • Recommended Scenarios: This charging cart is recommended for any environment seeking the ability to charge multiple devices at one time with mobility options within a compact size space.
  • In the Box: Ships Fully Assembled. Includes 30 device slots, 12 (3.8 m) power cable, two custom country-specific 15 outlet power strips, cable management tray, four 4" locking medical grade casters, external auxiliary outlet, integrated handle.
  • Warranty Info: Five (5) years; two (2) years for power module; one (1) year for other electrical components
  • Installation Video:
  • Technical Specs: Device Slot Size: 15.3"D x 12.3"H x 1.1"W. Device with any cover or case and power cord installed must fit within these dimensions. Compatible with thin laptop computers with screen size = 14".
  • Product Dimensions: 159 lbs, 28.0"W x 24.4"D x 40.5"H
  • Package Dimensions: 216 lbs, 32.7"W x 27.6"D x 46.4"H